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Coordinate workstages for M215

Coordinate workstage 100 x 100 mm

Z890 precision aluminium workstage, measuring range 100 x 100 mm, anodized table 250x200mm, on precision roll guidings, quick release on X and Y axes. Measuring system uses micro scales for calibration in sections.

Rotary table
Z890.2 Same as Z890 but with high-precision 360° rotary table.

Z890.3 Same as Z890.2 but with centering device on the rotary table.

CNC coordinate table
The proposed coordinate tables for the M215 workshop measuring microscope can optionally be equipped with an motorized drive for automatic parts scanning. The programming and control of the CNC drives takes place via the M3 measuring software.

Coordinate tables of existing workshop measuring microscopes can be converted to CNC operation by means of a upgrade kit.



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Video CNC option
Video CNC option

Measuring system
Digital scales accurate to 0.001 mm with an 11 μA signal.

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